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About Politics is a practical guide to politics from a grassroots insider.

NEED: There is a strong need for a practical guide to politics. The guide is intended to provide a guide as to the real means of success in politics - of which building lasting relationships is the key. It is hoped that this guide will improve the quality of those interested in pursuing such careers - and as a result, noticeably improve the quality of outcomes achieved by current and future elected public officials.

AIM: The aim for the about politics site is to provide a valuable resource for those contemplating a career in politics or for those who have started and need some advice or focus.

STRUCTURE: The site has three key sections.

One section is focussed on providing the basis of learning for those who are new to politics. This section includes introductions such as Defining and Political Careers. The more advanced parts are in Succeed in Politics section (effectively a career plan) and the How To Politics section (effectively a highlight of the the key skills). For those ready to leap straight into action, Political Tools provides some good systems to support you.

Another section is dedicated to various countries . These are designed to focus on the greatest political issues of each country. The purpose of that in this context is to challenge your current thinking about your own country.

The remaining section is to provide a more personal slant on politics. This includes discussion on Controversial Issues, various Political Stories and some stories and comments about the former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. This covers the author's personal experiences in political life - designed to provide some additional interest and to place the other contents in context.

CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES and CONTROVERSIAL RESEARCH TOPICS: Political journalism has failed the representative democracries - because its aim (profitablility) is driven by readership - which peaks during bad news and scandals. As a result, it is opposed to sensible, rational debate toward finding the optimal solution. The section dealing with controversy highlights and provides some specific examples of why there is an urgent need to reduce the power of media moguls. Using such incidents to understand the operations of power has received little public focus. Freedom of press requires freedom from profit drivers - and the first step is reducing the power of media moguls.

The author's personal experiences of political interactions with Kevin Rudd and other political figures and business personnel has obviously flavoured his views. The views expressed may be a challenge to your current thinking - and will hopefully lead you to beeter improve the society in which we live.

SUCCESS: You will need to define success in your own terms. Success for this project will be achieved if it provides a useful resource for political aspirants. The ultimate aim of this insider's practical guide to politics will be to improve the world through the provision of greater political understanding!

Politics Defined
Politics Defined provides a different view of what politics is
Success in Politics
Success in Politics is crucial to understanding politics
Succeed in Politics
Succeed in Politics is a ground breaking check on whether politics would suit you
Politics How To
The importance of Politics How To is grossly underestimated. This provides some guidance on key political processes
Political Story Types
Political Story Types provides a quick understanding of the common uses of political stories.
Political Stories
The value in Political Stories is getting to truly understand what happens
Political Tools
Political Tools are the simple aids that will allow you to maintain focus on developing the necessary skills.
American Politics
American Politics provides clarity of terminology
Australian Politics
Australian Politics is vital to understanding one of the key world influencers
Rudd is vital information for any political aspirant. It provides up-close personal encounters with one of the world leaders.
Canada Politics
Canada Politics provides an important introduction to Canada's influence
Great Britain Politics
Great Britain Politics provides clarity around use of key terms
Indian Politics
Indian Politics provides a definition and describes the importance of issues in Indian politics
About Author
Knowing the story About Author provides a better understanding of the value of the site
Status provides value by giving you an indication of what is happening on the site
Updates are provided on this page to give an indication of the latest information and how often information is published. It should be read in conjunction with the Status page.
Careers Political Science
Careers Political Science is an introduction to the vast array of roles and responsibilities connected with the political process.
Controversial Politics American
Controversial Politics American draws attention to a list of controversial issues and their relevance to American politics.
List of Controversial Topics
List of controversial topics is an introduction to some of the key political issues and some proposed solution options.
Rudd headline
Rudd headline describes Kevin Rudd's approach to media.
Critical Book Review
Critical book review is about a series of reviews of various book about politcs.
Cycle of Change
Cycle of change describes the basis for determining the length of time in power and how it changes.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy sets out our policy in relation to your privacy in dealings with this site. Our Privacy Policy is an essential item in our recognition of your importance to about-politics.com.
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