American Politics

American Politics, as a term, will be used in accordance with its common internet usage. That is, it will be applied to the politics of the United States of America in relation to both internal USA politics and USA foreign policy.

There is a need to establish some universally accepted terms to differentiate USA and its people from the far more inclusive term "American". However, for the time being, that term will be used. The term Politics American (or Politics in America) will be used to differentiate domestic politics from international. There is an enormous amount written about politics. The focus here will be domestic politics. The following topics are intended to provoke some thought among those who are about to start, or have recently started their political career.

Politics American will provide an introduction to domestic policy issues.

Modern American Politics provides more focus on the changed approach during the recent past.

Women American Politics highlights the growing emphasis and influence of this key group.

African American women politics shows an even more rapidly growing area of power and influence.

Controversial politics American draws attention to a list of controversial issues and their relevance to American politics. There a number of organisations involved in trying to change political influences. is a good example.

The key international politics for the USA is to extricate itself from a role of trying to resolve the world's problems and to focus on its own. The continuation of the old approach is about politics - political donations from suppliers to military products. The issues include all of the issues that are shared with most developed countries - but are exacerbated by its history for the past hundred years.

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For those who are interested in thinking about a political career, progress to Succeed in politics and Politics How To as a sound basis for understanding politics. There are options at the end of the page to transfer across to some of the other countries for an introduction. Alternatively, you may wish to put your political beginnings in perspective by reviewing some incidents in the career of the Australian Prime Minister in the

Rudd revelations.

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