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Australian Politics is relatively stable and, compared with most nations, is relatively uneventful. Government is, to a lesser extent than in some countries, about politics. In most ways, it has to be accepted that Australia has been well governed. There is little, if any, real political instability. There is generally a high standard of living and a fairly egalitarian approach to life both internally and externally. Australia has certainly played way above its population in international affairs.

There is, however, a mix of factors which makes some ongoing situations worthy of major reviews and some ongoing challenges which have never been effectively handled. The crux of these isssues is about politics. The focus here will be on domestic politics - which we will refer to politics in Australia. The term politics of Australia is used to refer to Australia's involvement in international politics.

While the focus will be within Australia, there will be sections at a later time, in which some of the international policies are reviewed. These reviews will be mainly in terms of their impact on politics in Australia. These will include the relationships with India, the USA and Great Britain.


The fundamentals of Australian politics is that it is based very, very strongly on English systems and still has the Queen of England having certain rights in the Australian Constitution! There is an overwhelming involvement with the USA. These very strong historical ties seem in strong conflict with the very cosmopolitan and egalitarian Australian lifestyle. The history of economic dependence on raw materials also has restrained Australia in many ways - and has only recently given way to a balancing of those with a level of reliance on services.

The dependence on one or other of the super-powers (Great Britain for a long time and then the USA) has encouraged a social conservatism which is pervasive in Australian politics. There is a political conflict between adherence to the traditional English and Church approach of pretense that there is no problem if it can be ignored - and the genuine desire for improved living conditions including social justice.This is played out in regular minor swings of the political mood from right to left and back again - all within a narrow band of centre politics.

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The domestic politics is described in more detail in the Politics in Australia section and the international aspects are expanded in the Politics of Australia section.

These sections should be read in conjunction with Succeed in Politics and Politics How To sections. As a context for learning, you may also find the comments about personal interactions with Prime Minister Rudd a helpful start point. Regardless of which approach you take, if your focus is on improving the world, we wish you well in your political career and hope this provides some ongoing assistance for you.

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