Canada Politics

Canada Politics is the way in which we will refer to both internal Canadian politics and Canadian world politics. In other words, it is about politics from a Canadian perspective.

Canada has benefited from, and suffered from, its close interactions with the USA. Fortunately, given the very long common land boundary, Canada shares most values with the USA and the two countries have maintained extremely good relations - even to the extent of having an open border.

However, the very presence of the world's superpower on the doorstep is a challenge. The other key ongoing factor in Canada's international relations is the very significant French area in an otherwise English speaking country. While the two-languages approach has been very successful, there are tensions around the relationships resulting from this unusual arrangement. The issue is very much about politics - and one way of dealing with it is to avoid it as an issue.

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The term Politics of Canada will be used to describe the domestic politics of Canada and that will be the key focus. Reference is made to Canadian Politics as another term with effectively the same meaning as Politics of Canada. The topic will be covered here progressively over a period of time. In particular, it is intended to address a number of specific issues from the perspective of assisting someone who is about to start, or has recently started their political career.

A key role in the Politics of Canada is undertaken by Canadian Members of Parliament.

For those who are interested in thinking about a political career in Canada, there is a wealth of knowledge in the Journal of Canadian Studies. Between readings of the Journal of Canadian Studies you could progress to the Succeed in Politics and Politics How To sections as a sound basis for understanding politics. You might be interested in getting a taste of other countries - using the options at the end of the page to transfer. Alternatively, you may wish to put your political beginnings in perspective by reviewing some incidents in the career of the Australian Prime Minister


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