Canadian Members Parliament

Canadian Members Parliament are the elected representatives to the two Houses of Parliament. There are currently, according to Wikipedia 308 Members of the House of Representatives and 105 Senate Members.

The role of Canadian Members Parliament is similar to that in most Western democracies. That includes representing the views of their constituents in the Parliament - and to the various government bodies with whom the constituents interact. One major difficulty for Members is to have sufficient interaction with their constituents to ensure that they understand the issues and concerns. With the advances of technology, travel and communication are far less the issues now than they were two hundred years ago. However, there are some electorates for which travel and other forms of communication are still major challenges. Regardless of the level of travel reduction, it has been more than compensated for by the increased and increasing range of issues that require attention. Whether it is real or perceived, and whether the individual constituent supports greater or lesser government involvement, there are a wide range of matters for "the government" should find a solution in the view the voters.

The advantages of solid political party formation reduce the need to be an expert in a large number of fields but there is still a need to understand all of the proposed legislation. Members have a responsibility to input to the legislation and think through its impacts on their constituents - whether they are supporters or not.

In Canada, two of the key political issues involve attempting to resolve major differences between groups that are generally mutually supportive. Internally in Canada, a major challenge is ensuring high levels of mutual respect and recognition for the bilingual approach to French and English. Externally, but with a extensive shared land border, is the challenge of cooperation with the USA while attempting not to be overwhelmed by it.

Canadians have many great opportunities facing anyone wishing to pursue a political career. For those who are interested in thinking about such an option, gain some further Canadian insights by considering the review of Journal of Canadian Studies.

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Rudd revelations.
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