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Careers Political Science is intended to show some of the options for careers and provides a link between a practical introduction to politics and the options for a career involving politics. The information about politics on this site will provide some indications of the actions and skills needed in politics whether in a paid or unpaid role.

The information will be useful to people considering whether or not to choose a career in political science. However, for those who are making that decision it is important to balance the information about the practical aspects of the roles with other career considerations.

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Understanding the range of options is a good start point for some initial career path planning. There are varying views about what is included in "political science" - and whether it includes or is opposed to "politics" - or includes or is opposed to political careers. The American Political Science Association provides one view and lists over fifty career options on its site. After reviewing that list of career options about politics, it would be appropriate to consider them in a practical sense. The careers political science focus is to ensure you align your skills and desires with what is achievable. An indication of that would be gained from the information in Success in Politics and Politics How To sections.

In addition to understanding the skills and activities involved, it is important to understand the risks involved in a political career. The skills and activities will have a strong focus on relationship building and communication as a means of influencing. In most cases, careers that have a political flavour have far greater external impacts than most other careers. As an example, many political advisor roles are subject to termination is the advisee is terminated - even if that is for a matter of which the advisor had no knowledge - far less, any influence in the matter. The benefits of public service may be financially significant for some - but are very poor for others. In terms of political careers, it is most important to ensure that the good and the bad are weighed up to form a balanced view. Only by doing this will expectations be aligned with the reality.

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