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Great Britain Politics will be used to describe the politics of Great Britain and its constituent States in terms of both international and domestic affairs. Politics in this region are complicated by the number of different, but closely associated, political entities. In particular, references to the United Kingdom, to Great Britain, to the British Isles or to England are often intended to refer to what is essentially the same political group. Compare these two maps!

This group is best understood by its focus on 10 Downing Street and associated Civil Services groups.

The situation is further complicated by membership of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Nations.

The key international political issue for Great Britain is how to continue to extricate itself from the role of a superpower and to focus on its own issues. The reality of ceasing to be a superpower during World War Two has still not been completed. The focus here will, however, be on the domestic political situation. There are plenty of issues of interest in that field.

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The following subjects are described in separate sections. Politics of Britain is used as an umbrella for British domestic politics. Specific coverage is also given to British autonomy issues and the challenge of racial integration.

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