Indian Politics

Indian politics is a complex and confusing area for many learned observers. It is therefore not at all surprising that it is difficult for those commencing their interest in it to be challenged. There are many facets to Indian issues of politics. Learning about politics is a massive undertaking. These are mainly deeply rooted in its religions, history and geography.

Indian politics involves both the politics of India in international affairs and the politics of India.

The sheer population size (over one billion people) ensures complexity and additional challenges over those of much smaller nations. The sheer size and numbers make it vitally important in world events. Other than during one short period, India has maintained a solid democratic representative form of government since independence from Great Britain in 1947.

To a greater degree than in many other countries, the issues within India are closely aligned with the international issues for India.The correlation is caused by the similarity of the situation within India and in the immediate vicinity of India in regards to three factors. These are the of high density of populations, low standards of living and religious differences.

There are often severe tensions between the religious groups. There are significant numbers each of Hindus (about 80% of India's population),Muslins, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhist and Jains. Hindu-reformers, Jews and Zoroastrians add to the complexity.

There are continual tensions with fellow-nuclear-armed neighbors China and Pakistan. There are disputed territories that complicate these relationships. The relationships with Russia and the United States fluctuate in warmth and intensity. As a result, it is an ongoing difficult balance.

In each of these areas of difficulty, the tensions are often violent. The more widespread nature of terrorism has also seeped into each of these disputes.

As the focus is preparation for someone entering politics as a career, the main attention will be on the internal politics. Understanding about politics requires a focus on the most relevant areas. As a result, there is no intention to delve further in to the complexity of India's international affairs. However, for someone seeking a political career in India, it will be vital that a detailed understanding of the key issues is part of their research. It will probably also assist them to understand some of the differences with other countries and to learn from the experiences in other countries. In particular, it will assist to read about ground-level interactions with the Australian Prime Minister as introduced in the Rudd revelations introduction.

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