Journal Canadian Studies

The Journal Canadian Studies (for which the full title is Journal of Canadian Studies/ Revue d'├ętudes canadiennes) is a collection of research manuscripts published quarterly. It is published quarterly by Trent University. The multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary nature of the work provides a rounded understanding of Canada in a way that is not achieved in most other countries.

A key factor in the performance of any politician in any country is their level of knowledge of their country and its issues. While this may be gained from a variety of sources - including verbal anecdotal storied, a solid reading is essential for great achievement. Selection of relevant and appropriate material becomes a challenge for many. While it is only one snippet of knowledge, the Journal of Canadian Studies provides a wide range of topics in a well presented and informed format.

The combination of academic rigor and broad appeal in Journal Canadian Studies is unusual and a credit to Trent University. Whether the topic includes "Linguistic Plurality", "Locating Family" or "Repoliticizing Globization", there are certain to be some areas of agreement and some areas of seeing a different point of view.

The Journal of Canadian Studies's provides a sufficient understanding of the topics to allow an informed decision as to whether you wish to pursue further reading of the publication.

I have no connection or association with the Journal or its publishers. I simply believe it provides a great resource for information that is relevant to current political and future political issues. It also provides knowledge on the vast range of subjects that would be useful to someone learning about the Politics of Canada.

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