Politics of Canada

Politics of Canada is dominated by a range of issues common to most Western democracies. These include economic concerns such as employment levels, sustainable growth and increasing standards of living. In particular, ensuring that changing world conditions are met with appropriate responses to ensure maintenance or improvement of comparative position for Canadians. There are also common social concerns and issues to do with abortion and gay rights.

Canada also has a range of issues which are unique to it - or, at least, very rare. These include the issues and challenges relating to its dual language and the extremism of separatists from the French-dominated areas. The shared borders and special relationships with the USA is another unusual challenge that impinges significantly on Canadian domestic policy. In particular, issues surrounding copyright and free trade are dominated by their neighbor rather than being decided internally.

The key issues for Canada domestically are the two world issues. Canada will be severely impacted by the challenges of the global financial crisis and climate change. In both cases, the degree to which Canada shows its independence from the USA will make a clear difference to the standard of living and world recognition of Canada.

In banking, Canada has shown the benefits of a more sensible banking approach and should be leading the call for greater controls over USA banks and bankers especially within Canada. In regards to the climate change, Canada has provided some leadership but needs to exert considerably more pressure on the USA to improve its position.

In summary, with the combination of common unusual domestic issues and the local situation for global issues, there are many political opportunities for Canadians. Some additional issues and further knowledge on the ones mentioned may be gained by considering this review of the Journal of Canadian Studies.

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