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Rudd attraction marketing government is used to describe how Kevin Rudd took his personal learnings about how to attract and retain relationships into government. Rudd and many of hisMinisters have continued to use exactly the same techniques. Look over the Rudd Cabinet and consider their use of this technique.

By that, it is meant that he and his team have continued to provide relevant and reliable information on most of the topics of interest to the electorate. Check out the government media site for some examples of how this has been applied it across his government.


Ther are two issues that have arisen in relation to the Rudd government and the Rudd attraction marketing government approach. The first is resignation and the second is lack of service delivery.


The issue of resignation is clearly not about actually resigning from the role. However, a feature of the Rudd government has been that when issues become very complex and the Parliament prevents the passing of appropriate legislation, the Rudd government and its Ministers resign themselves to that situation. If there was a consistent approach to Attraction Marketing, the reliable and relevant information would continue to be supplied - despite its seeming irrelevance at that point. As an example, the Rudd government's attempt to legislate for a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme were thwarted. At that point, effective Attraction Marketing would have intensified the number of contacts to reassure the customers that despite the setback the relationship and commitment were rock solid. The Rudd government became less and less informative about the issue and eventually announced its delay for several years. This is a serious breach in Attraction Marketing - and is likely to have serious electoral consequences.


The other issue that the Rudd government has faced is that the the electorate expects more of government than just information. The relationships demands that not only is relevant and reliable information provided - but the services of government are delivered. In the same way that Attraction Marketing works for any other business, the relationship development and maintenance are key product differentiators that are only of benefit if the basic service is satisfactory.

The Rudd attraction marketing government approach is sound in itself but the inability of the Commonwealth to deliver services has undermined the relationship building. A suitable analogy would be that you could be very happy with your car mechanic but if your car won't move, you would not continue to use his or her service.


These are many challenges in government and so maintaining the relationships becomes difficult to maintain as the first priority. For this reason, it is crucial that it is such an ingrained practice that it is automatically included into the daily processes - whether as a backbencher, a shadow minister or the country's leader. Attraction Marketing is the key to retaining better relationships. Better relationships are always a great product differentiator where similar services are being provided.

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