Rudd attraction marketing personal

Rudd attraction marketing personal is the term used to describe how Kevin Rudd become a "trusted source".

In marketing terms, that is gold. In political marketing, it is very unusual. As with much in the study of politics, it is amazing that an incredibly good technique is not much more widely used. The technique could be easily be used by many, is relatively easy to develop, and produces fantastic results in term of trust and loyalty.

Attraction marketing is widespread - especially in internet marketing areas. Essentially, it is providing benefit free of charge until the point is reached where it is very clear that consumers are prepared to pay for what is being supplied. In most cases with attraction marketing, including the Rudd attraction marketing personal approach, the only thing being supplied is information.

What is the great secret that he used? It was simply that he supplied information that was relevant, topical and interesting without providing significant bias or over-bearing commentary. That is so important for anyone learning politics to be worth repeating. He supplied information that was relevant, topical and intersting without significant bias or over-bearing commentary. Given Rudd's propensity to waffle, that was quite an achievement for him. He did have some advantage in timing as particular issues became relevant - but he waited many years for some of his study to pay. The important factor was that he was an acknowledged expert - because he studied both the theory and the practice.


In the day to day thrust of the media, it is very easy to ignore what is happening in a political sense - especially in a foreign country. However, Australian want to be informed about matters of relevance to them and particularly to their own safety. The challenges of terrorism became headline news for Australians - and especially when a significant number of Australians became casualties. In that environment, there was very little credible information coming from the Howard government and the media focus was, as usual, very emotive and lacking in factual information. The timing was ideal for the Rudd attraction marketing personal approach. Kevin Rudd provided background information - and travelled to areas to discuss with people "on the ground" as to what was happening. Rudd was the first person many Australians heard mention Jemaah Islamiyah (JI).

Rudd was the first person many Australians heard mention AWB's payments to Saddam Hussein. Several other matters reenforced the view of Rudd as knowledgeable.

Learning about areas of interest - foreign trade and foreign affairs, education and health - will always provide the option of attraction marketing to those who studied and become sufficiently expert.


Initially the media reacted in the standard "pack mentality" and criticised his travel.

When significant parts of the Australian population were clearly seeking this information, the media went to him for further information. Staying on focus is the way to success with the media - but onlyif there is constant media interest. At this point, Kevin Rudd suddenly became the media's sought-after person - thus ensuring him ample coverage for any story he wanted to get out to the general population. The Rudd attraction marketing personal approach was in full swing.

In the way that he was often one of the first to be involved in new areas of media interest, he was one of the first to be supplying information about areas of increasing interest to "average Australians". This included China - where his interest pre-dated most Australians by nearly twenty years! His raising the curtain on the ongoing corruption with the Iraq government of Saddam Hussein showed the typical hypocrisy of many countries - to be corrupting trading with a government at the same time as declaring war on them. In this way, Howard became seen as a modern day "pig-iron Bob".
The essence of attraction marketing is to become an expert - and to drip-feed your expertise at a time it has most value. In politics, that may mean becoming an expert in several areas so that there is often a relevant one. Setting up the attraction and media relationships are important but you should also take the opportunity to understand other areas as you progress through the Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

Challenge your knowledge on key issues - and contemplate some different views. Feel free to join the future updates through the RSS feed or by opting-in for email updates.

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