Rudd attraction marketing team

Rudd attraction marketing team is used to describe how Kevin Rudd took his success using for his and applied it across his team.

A study of the talk by his senior shadow cabinet ministers in the tweleve months prior to the election shows use of this technique - whether by training, imitating the leader - or pure luck!Regardless of why or how, it worked for them. While it may not be the case now, there were several strong examples.


Julia Gillard become a "trusted source" on Industrial Relations and was often asked questions by journalists that would normally be directed to a "knowledge expert" By building this reputation, it was realatively easy to then present Industrial Relations Policy as though it also was merely factual statements.

In a similar way, Peter Garrett was often presented as the "enviroment expert". The relevance of his knowledge was seldom challenged and he often used areas of his expertise for providing learning.

In line with his experince and preparedness to be a straight talker, Lindsay Tanner established his credentials in the Finance area. There can be little doubt that recognition of him as the person who was helping the public to understand Finance made him a very successful member of the Rudd team.


Staying on focus is the way to success with the media - but only if there is constant media interest. In the Rudd attraction marketing team approach, this was gained and retained through a mix of interesting people and interesting challenges.

In line with Rudd's personal approach, several members of his team went to great lengths to develop relationsips with media members. Some would claim that they performed similar strategic approaches to members of business and other influence groups. A crucial difference between many of the actions of the Rudd shadow cabinet and those of previous shadow cabinets was the desire to be leaders in terms of knowledge about their subject areas. Even in areas where the team members were not well accepted, there was often a grudging acceptance of their strong detailed knowledge.

There are strong lessons in the Rudd headline approach for any one new to politics. Essentially it is the build a media interest in the candidate - and then the interest is there without need for somethign shocking. It is a much better long term media strategy than the "hurl a brick" approach!


These are many challenges for those who are new to politics. Setting up a media approach is important but you should also take the opportunity to grab some other ideas as you progress through the Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

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