Rudd Election Loser

Rudd Election Loser focuses on 2nd March 1996 and the failure of Kevin Rudd in his first attempt to become a Member of Parliament.

The former member, Ben Humpreys, had retired and Kevin Rudd obtained Labor endorsement and campaign assistance from Ben's daughter Sharon. I worked extensively on the campaign for the seat of Griffith and had saw Kevin regularly. On the night of his defeat(by 2200 votes in the landslide that replaced Keating with Howard), he spent a lot of time talking one-to-one with me. He made it abundantly clear that he expected my knowledge from working on Terry Mackenroth’s campaigns would make me knowledgeable – and he wanted good advice. He was remarkably calm and focused – on how to win the next time! He discussed what worked and what didn’t in significant detail. That approach is very typical of Kevin Rudd. That is, to work exceedingly hard and stay focused on achieving the desired outcome – even (especially) when others are having some (emotional) down-time.

In recalling those discussions, there are several items that stand out. In particular, Kevin Rudd has maintained his commitment to many of the election techniques. He has, for example, maintained his considerable list of donations - of bikes! and prizes for LOTE (language other than English). Another key item of those discussions was the need to maintain community contact and his continuation of campaign style meetings on the footpath.

There are also some distinct differences between the first and the latest election night. It was not completely from the disgusting old hall

to the flood of press mikes

but there were substantial differences.

The first one included many family and friends and few party hacks or hangers-on. It also did not have a "television direct line" - something that would NEVER again for an important event in Kevin Rudd's life!

That interaction with Rudd Election Loser highlighted some key Kevin Rudd characteristics. At a time of defeat, his focus was firmly on ensuring that was not repeated. There was no time for regret or disappointment. The key attributes of hard work and commitment to the long term outcome were well and truly on display. Linked with that was the almost insatiable desire to learn and by taking the advice of experts in the relevant field become the expert. Seeking out and taking the advice of experts in the relevant field and the preparedness to tackle the big opponents are a couple of key traits I would recommend for a future political career. You may wish to refer the Success in Politics and Politics How To sections for some further advice.

In line with his behavior on the night of his election loss, Kevin Rudd will continue to expect himself and those around him to be very resilient and to accept defeats as merely opportunities to learn more rapidly. Rudd election loser does not focus on the present other than to quickly learn and move forward. It would be foolish to assume that any defeat he suffers will decrease his commitment to achieving his long term outcomes. Informing himself, through both reading widely and seeking out experts continue to be two of Kevin Rudd's key attributes. They are keys for all who seek success in politics.

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