Rudd Friends Enemies

Rudd Friends Enemies provides some understanding of Kevin Rudd in terms of relationships with those with whom he interacts. In particular, it focuses on some observations about politics and how Kevin Rudd interacts with people.

There are two very clear and relevant situations. One is the extent to which relationships have traversed the Rudd Friends Enemies spectrum over time. The other is Rudd's ability to make people feel great when involved in discussion with them.

Friend or Enemy?

Rudd has had a number of very public political relationships that have travelled the spectrum from unknown to close ally to strong opponent to close ally - and many variations on that theme. One of the more widely known of the Rudd Friends Enemies relationship is the one with Wayne Swan.

There are numerous other relationships that have covered the Rudd Friends Enemies spectrum - with varying degrees of political interest and of public reporting. There are certainly plenty of well known names who have traversed that space and have been the topic of conversations I have heard over the years. In observing Rudd at close quarters, the interesting part of this style of relationship highlights two key elements. One is the brutal reality of power - and how people will do incredible things to achieve it or even to be associated with it. The other is the Rudd's ability to be so persuasive at an individual level.


Power is an incredible motivator and this focus on seeking power has made some amazing changes to Kevin Rudd over time. His ability to focus such incredible commitment to task is something that needs to be seen to be believed. The nickname "24-7 Kevin" was earned well before the media used the term. While the enormous number of staff who have been through his office will attribute to the brutal pace at which he expected them to work, they will also acknowledge that none were expected to work harder than him in seeking some further advice.

Power has also driven Rudd to overcome many of the characteristics that we would see as not being capable of change. However, he has changed his behaviour (if not his preference) from that of a disorganised and dishevelled nerd to that of an outgoing, {comparatively} very well groomed and very well dressed outgoing member of society. He has managed to take his burst of aggressions from common and completely unacceptable behaviour to what now now reportedly rare bursts with which most people around him can now cope.

There are numerous indications that the changing positions on the Rudd Friends Enemies spectrum relate to the perception of others as to their relative advantages of oppossing or supporting Rudd. This can be publically traced in relation to Wayne Swan. There are numerous other relationships where this brutal reality of power is the key motivator of behaviour.


Persuasion is another form of power but it is a much more individualised notion rather than a set behaviour. Whereas power can be wielded in the remote and almost abstract, persuasion (even via public media) is very personal. It involves a much higher level of communication. The key to communication is listening.

Rudd has always been an extremely good listener. Rudd has the ability to appear totally absorbed in "think" mode. However, he has honed the listening skill over many years and is able to pick up key concepts and key words to use in response. Rudd, in my experience, was always able to convey the impression that he was totally focused on what I was saying - as though it was the most important thing for him. That ability to give that impression to whoever he is with - and to use some of the speaker's words back to them in subsequent discussion - gave him an incredible ability to influence.

While such an ability in relation to me was of little, if any, significance, that ability in relation to others has been the foundation of a very successful career. It is certainly amazing the level to which people have changed their view - or, at least, opened their mind to the esistence of an alternate view, after being subjected to Rudd's focus and presentation of a different view.


The challenge for more people is to remain focused on the long term goal for the long term. There is little doubt that Rudd has been focused on the Prime Ministership for decades. That is a critical factor in his changing behaviour and his way of dealing with friends and enemies. The ultimate goal has always been more important than any short or long term relationships. That would be very apparent to those who have been Rudd's friends or enemies at any point. Keep in mind such a level of focus is very helpful in obtaining substantial goals.

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