Rudd Language

Rudd Language describes a fundamental flaw he had and two fundamental strengths that Kevin Rudd has.

To understand the situation, it is important to realize that in the various political parties there is often agreement about a high profile person being selected to be the candidate for aparticular public office before the official process is commenced. As a result, for many grassroots members, the appearance of a high profile person is often resented as someone who is being "forced" on them as the local candidate. Accordingly, there is already a resentment before the person takes any action.

Keeping that in mind, imagine the mood in a branch when Kevin Rudd was first introduced at a branch. It would have been obvious to many that he was intended to be the next candidate. For several public servant members, he was the architect of huge disruptive changes to their workplace. Most of the other members of the branch had not enjoyed much in the way of education.

What were the two most memorable actions of Kevin Rudd at that meeting? Firstly, his "quick introduction" lasted over forty-five minutes. Notice, it was not his introduction that was memorable - only how long it lasted. In fact, even more memorable was the lack of response by the speaker to the awkward shifting in seats and other indications of boredom by the members. Secondly, when he finally stopped talking and the business of the meeting was being discussed, he took notes in Mandarin. How do you think that went down with the branch members?

Rudd language was not the favorite at that point. In fact, my perception was that his behavior was fundamentally flawed. He was perceived as rude, arrogant and "out-of-touch". Kevin Rudd's strengths include that he is prepared to learn and that he is prepared to change his behavior.

If you are developing a political career, there are several valuable lessons you could take from this incident.Firstly, being able to learn and change are critical attributes for political success. Secondly, consideration of your audience is important - both in terms of preparation for them - and in terms of being sensitive to their responses.

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There is not much doubt that Kevin Rudd will continue to express himself forcefully and he will reamin comfortable with it.More importantly, he will continue to record some great thoughts - and hopefully share them more than he did initially.

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