Rudd Public Servant

Rudd Public Servant highlights the time when Kevin Rudd was a senior public servant - albeit, a politically appointed one. At the time I first met Kevin Rudd in 1994, he was Director-General of the Queensland Office of Cabinet. I had been asked to go to his house to meet with him at 9pm and to talk to him about “teleworking” – an area in which I had expertise and which was still “quite revolutionary” at that time.

The Rudd Public Servant that I recall arrived home slightly late than the planned 9pm meeting. I gathered it was an "early night" for him. He was very pleasant and seemed very interested in what I could tell him.

My clearest recollection of the evening was the comment by the person who arranged the meeting that he had not seen anyone before me who was not intimidated by Kevin! In the light of some alleged incidents since he has become Prime Minister, this may be understandable. (I was not intimidated because I had little understanding of his role and was merely providing some information.)

I understand from other sources since that time that there was strong opposition to “teleworking” from middle management and the unions. However, the Kevin Rudd subsequently directed a review of working from home as a practice within the Queensland Public Service. I understand that now, in 2009, many of the changes I proposed are in place. However, the more important ones such as shared suburban offices have not yet been implemented.

The interaction with the Rudd Public Servant highlighted several Kevin Rudd characteristics. Hard works, commitment to the long term outcome, seeking out and taking the advice of expert in the relevant field and preparedness to tackle the big opponents were the three traits I would recommend for a future political career. You may wish to refer the Success in Politics and Politics How To sections for some further advice.

Past performance would suggest that Kevin Rudd will continue to expect himself and those around him to consistently work very long hours and to be well informed. Informing himself, through both reading widely and seeking out experts,are two other key attributes of Kevin Rudd's that are important for success in politics.

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