Rudd revelation is intended to introduce a wider understanding about politics through sharing a number of incidents from the early political career of a politician who has undoubtedly been quite successful. The purpose of sharing these incidents is to put into context how important are the simple things in a political career and how even the greatest have to start their learning somewhere.

The incidents described in these sections are from the author's personal experiences about politics with Kevin Rudd who is currently (2009) the Prime Minister of Australia.

The author was a member of the local Election Committee for each of the election campaigns for his seat in the Australian Parliament. The author was also a member of the local Election Committee for several other prominent Members of Parliament including a former Queensland Deputy Premier.

The revelations are not intended to be sensational in any way. They are intended to provide a much better understanding of the level of political knowledge which can be gained by coaching by experienced operatives rather than learning from the school of hard knocks (experience).

The various sections planned are outlined in the Status section.

The first of these incidents refers to when he was a Queensland public servant.

The second incident related to his first round of visits to branch meetings as a potential Federal political candidate. The focus was his language.

The third situation describes the night he was an election loser.

A slighter longer term view is used to provide some understanding of Rudd's relationship in the section on his friends and enemies.

In the modern era, success in politics is very largely dependent on success in the media. With this in mind, it is important to look at the approach used to gain the Rudd headline.

Kevin Rudd recognised the need to change and Rudd broad appeal is an interesting study of how he achieved it. A significant part of that approach was the use of attaction marketing at a

and later at a team level. Significantly, Rudd was far less successful with it at a government level through a combination of not using it and not rising to the higher expectations set for government.

A crucial understanding of Kevin Rudd and his rise and fall is coverd in Rudd political journalism. Are you interested and ready enough to start building your team? Let me know

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The intentions is that these incidents will help to provide an understanding in conjunction with the Succeed in Politics and Politics How to sections.

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