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My name is Ian Daniels.

I claim to be an activist for genuine social justice (a better world) and I have spent a lot of my life seeking improvement through various organizations. My focus has been about politics for much of my life. I have been a member of a political party for many years but I seek to get "good policy" and "good outcomes" for society - rather than for the political party or its representative. (While recognizing that success for the political party is often a necessary part of getting the better outcome.) I have been very aware that I could achieve significantly greater personal wealth and status by operating in accordance with the accepted approach - but MY GOALS WERE NOT PERSONAL WEALTH OR STATUS. Accordingly, I believe I have observed at close range but in a role that allows me to comment far more objectively that almost all other "insiders".

My political background.

I was born and lived entirely in Australia but have traveled fairly widely. My father was a member of the (right-wing) Country Party and a candidate for pre-selection for State Parliament. I became the Foundation Secretary of the Sarina branch of Young Labor - a part of the (left-wing) Australian Labor Party (ALP) when I was 17. I left Sarina and Young Labor 2 years later. I remained intensely interested in politics but not "officially" involved again until I was 36 - when I joined the ALP. I was elected on over thirty occasions to various positions including Secretary of the local branch for 13 years, Secretary/Treasurer of the election campaign committee for several local, state and federal elections and co-opted to State Policy Committees. I have stood for ALP State Conference and on the third occasion, and while receiving (from over 92% of voters) a preference number higher than the number of candidates to be elected, I was not elected.

My political associates.

I have worked with numerous very well known politicians including Kevin Rudd (current Prime Minister of Australia), Terry Mackenroth (former Deputy Premier of Queensland) and John Campbell (former Deputy Lord Mayor of Brisbane and head of Local Government Association of Australia).

My other political organizations.

I have been involved in over fifty political and networking organizations. In some, I have been elected to positions including Queensland President of the Australian Shipping and Travel Officers Association, Queensland Vice-President of the Council of Parents and Citizens Association and Queensland Vice-President of the Australian Services Union.

My career.

Quite separate to my political interests, I have had a varied career in the private and public sector - including roles in travel, law, accountancy, information technology, human resources, management and business consulting.

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