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Controversial Politics American aligns with the list of controversial issues in most world democracies but with some special focus on areas relating to its position as a military and economic colonial power. In particular, Controversial Politics American could be seen to be focused on two ideas. Firstly, that democracy is the best system of government found to date but it is being undermined by a concentration of power within all Western democracries. Secondly, that nations should be held accountable and not permitted to continue to make gains as a result of inappropriate behavior. In essence, this contends that the costs of war (whether overt or covert) and enviromental damage (whether through multiple generational hormone damage, climate change impact or any other destruction) is the responsibility of the corporation, nation or individual who causes it and is to be paid for by them, preferably in advance - but the liability remains until paid in full! The United States of America has particular responsibility in both of these categories.

Democracy dying

Controversial Politics American is focussed on reduced voter influence. The key principle of representative democracy is the separation of powers between an excutive, legislature and judiciary. The following information comes from a variety of sources of which Wikipedia and its references to the Roman Consitution is a start point. The keys to the success of separation of powers is the balancing of power and the different basis of progression in the three branches. The "fourth estate" (the media) has a role to keep the public informed on what is happening in each of the three branches without attempting to gain power for itself.

The concept of a strong, independent public service (as the Executive) works well while those who gain entry to it and progress through it do so on the basis of ability, education and experience. The concept of a strong, independent parliament (as the Legislature) works well while those who gain entry to it and progress through it do so on the basis of representing the views of their electors. The concept of strong, independent Courts (as the Judiciary) works well while those who gain entry to it and progress through it do so on the basis of legal knowledge and an ability to apply it consistently to different factual situations.

The decision in the United States to have the Executive headed up by an elected official undermined the key principle. As political operatives, the Presidents have been far focused on power than would be an independent public service. As a result, the Executive has become progressively more ("party") political. The societal impact of this is that marketing has become the key and accountability and integrity have become far less valued. The other societal impact has been the massive increase in greed and domination of money over the interests of society as a whole. The inter-dependence between the Executive and the media have made the fourth estate a part of the "power group" - and so it has lost its ability to provide reliable information to the public.

There will need to be a major change for this increasingly serious issue to be addressed. This is the key Controversial Politics American issue.

Will the rise in women in politics change it? Another possible circuit breaker at this stage would seem to be to limit any "top position" (such as President, House Speaker etc) to a one year term. The key advantage of a maximum one year term is that it focuses the individual on leaving a good legacy - rather than focussing on re-election.

If you have not yet done so, maybe having a read of the Women American Politics section would be helpful.

Actioning accountability

The concentration of power in a political sense that has been referred to previously has an even more insidious effect in the commercial world. The focus of power prevents a thorough and reliable analysis of the impacts of greed and the societal and environmental impacts of products that are generating revenue while causing long term damage. There are a number of serious challenges in this category. The development and use of nuclear weapons has been a profitable but disgusting example of the United States of America. The seriousness of some of the hormone affecting chemical products may have, or will become even more serious when the full effects are recognised. Climate change impacts could also exceed the damage done by either or both of those concerns.

The fundamental problem is the almost unfettered focus on profit - with marketing as the key component. When issues become too large to be resolved by the government of the day, revolution or destruction of the society have been needed to restrore balance. The current shifts in world power - from the USA to China, India and the Eurpoean Union may be the last chance warnings for the USA to address the need for actioning accountability. The concept of richest and or most powerful being best needs to be rapidly replaced in the minds of the average American. Controversial Politics American issues impact the world - and it is beginning to demand changes in return.


These are important additional challenges for those who are new to politics. You have the opportunity to learn as you progress through the Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

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