Controversial Research Issues

Controversial Research Issues come from a variety of areas. The controversial component may relate to the nature of the matter being researched. For example, the issue may have moral or religious overtones with resultant strong emotional reactions. The controversial issue may relate to the assumptions about likely results and the impacts that such results may have. For example in the health field, research into cigarettes and alcohol were often opposed, or attempts were made to influence results, by companies that sold the related products. The controversy may relate to the perception, or reality, of such research being funded by government or business for quite corrupt purposes. For example, the research may be a means of paying money directly to researchers in return for past or future support.These underlying issues are more important and require greater focus than the current key issues. However, we need to be aware of the key issues.

Key issues

Some of the key topical issues at the beginning of 2010 are the human impacts on climate change, products from the chemical industry (is even bottled water safe?)

and concerns about the ongoing stability and efficiency of the world financial system. The climate change and chemical damage issues may be very important. The world financial system, which obtains enormous comment and focus is insignficant compared with the ongoing issues of war, starvation, corruption, deprivation of liberty and abuse that are enormously common in almost all countries of the world.

For those seeking "research grants"

under whatever name, the question needs to be asked as to why there is no serious research aimed at solving the major problems such as war, starvation and poverty. It certainly a lack of political and scientific leadership when these issues are ignored and huge funding is spent on trivial matters.

Use of research

The related issue for political thinkers is what to do with research results. One of the greatest failings is to have the correct answers but to lack the leadership to implement them. In thinking of a political career, this should be a key area for consideration.


The great news is that those who deliver in political terms are well rewarded. If you are seeking a political career, the opportunity is great in relation to controversial research issues. Undoubtedly, there are risks in pursuing what is right rather than the short term gain. These are important additional challenges for those who are new to politics. Take the opportunity to learn as you progress through the Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

You may wish to continue to challenge your thinking on key research - and contemplate some different views.

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