Definition of Politics

Definition of Politics starts with some text book understanding.

While it is not sufficient for anyone to develop a reasonable level of involvement, it is a valid start point.

There will be varying opinions on what is a valid "text book" from which to obtain some definitions but we will start with the well regarded Oxford Dictionary and the popular Wikipedia.

Wikipedia provides a definition for politics as "the process by which groups of people make decisions". It (Wikipedia) provides further information by stating it "is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic and religious institutions." The origin of the term is quoted as being from the Greek word "polis" - which it is claimed means state or city.

The meaning of politics in the Oxford Dictionary shows Four Meanings : namely: "1. the activities associated with governing a country or area...2. a particular set of political beliefs or principles.3.activities aimed at gaining power within an organization:office politics 4 the principles relating to or inherent in a sphere or activity, especially when concerned with power and status."

There is also a need to understand the difference between politics and political philosophy. The Philosophical Society defines political philosophy as "the study of human social organization and of the nature of man/woman in society."
Keep in mind that these definitions are just to start the understanding.

This approach also aligns with the overall purpose of about politics which is to provide assistance in understanding politics and how to use it.

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