Leadership or Power

Leadership or Power is a crucial consideration in your approach to politics. The bases of power have been described previously. They are force, coercion and influence. The difference between Leadership and Power is which of these bases of power are used. Leadership is focused on influence and Power is focussed on force. The other key difference between the two is the term of the effect. Leadership is remembered long after contact with the leader. Power is only accepted while the accompanying force is imminent. Those whose basis is force leave no lasting legacy - whereas those who are leaders will impact society in the long term. These are important considerations for your decision as to whether to seek leadership or power.


Think of the people that you consider to be world leaders of the past one hundred years. Does your mind go to people like Mahatma Gandhi

and Nelson Mandela?

Are you thinking of the great leaps forward by the countries of Lech Walesa

and Mary Robinson?

Have you considered whether Wangari Muta Maathai should be a guiding light in your way of operating?

There can be little doubt that history is strewn with despicable creatures who have had excessive power. You would be aware of many of them. You may be thinking of Idi Amin or Joseph Stalin. You might think of Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot. I would strongly doubt that you have read this far if you do not strongly oppose that style. In other words, I suspect that you know whether you want leadership or power. In terms of politics, the challenge for most people is not about looking at the extremes before they commence - but in heading incrementally down a slippery slope. The current controversial issue in representative democracies is the security industry. If you support their actions, YOU are on the slide!! Pause ... and consider your future!

If you're new to politics, these are important challenges for you. You may wish to mull over them while reading some of have the other material such as Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

You may even consider whether you have the strength to create a new and better society. Alternatively, you may succumb to the cowardly!

If you are wish to continue to challenge your thinking and your values, that's a great start. If so, please keep in touch by joining the future updates through the RSS feed or by opting-in for email updates.

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