List of Controversial Topics

The list of controversial topics is designed to focus attention on some key issues and to provoke some thoughts about how to solve them or to mitigate their damage. The reality is that for them to be controversial issues, it is apparent that the solution is not likely to be readily accepted. That does not in any way suggest that considerable effort should not be used to attempt to resolve the matter. In many cases, the application of significant intellectual input, some flexibility and some determination may create noticeable success.

What is controversial

At a definitional level, controversial indicates ongoing conflict or dispute about a subject (refer to Wikipedia "controversy" as "to turn against"). The key elements in practice are that there are opposing views for which there does not seem to be a simple resolution. In many cases, this is because of arguing at cross purposes. For example, if there is a belief based view (such as religion) opposed to logic based view (such as science), the two may never be resolved as the perspectives are quite different. Even when there are people who have both perspectives, there is no solution as one or the other perspective dominates. The qustion of Christian scientists dealing with creation and evolution is a typical case in point.

The list of controversial topics in politics is vast and varied. In fact, it also occurs at several levels. In many cases, what is really controversial are the proposed solutions. As an example, one proposed solution to centralising power is limiting all key roles (eg President, Prime Minister, Secretary General) to a maximum term of one year.

At one level, there are some issues that are universal and controversial regardless of the political and social system in place. Typical of these is the conflict between freedom and order. At an international level, this includes war and at a domestic level, this includes dealing with criminal behaviour.

At another level, there are issues that relate to any society and the way in which it is structured both in theory and in practice. In particular, in a political sense, this is the extent to which power is concentrated and whether such power is used to provide equal benefit to all members of the society.

On a different level, there are changing world issues such as financial crises, climate change and chemical disruption to the world's ecosystems. These issues are really just symptoms of the success or failure of the world political and social systems in dealing with unacceptable behaviour.

Of these three, the key is the practical structure of society. In particular, it is about ensuring appropriate and effective ways to develop and maintain a balance of power that is in the best interests of the population as a whole. In practice, it is about understanding the responsibility to all other members of society and ensuring that there are prompt and effective ways of dealing with any behaviour that is not in the best interests of all. In a practical sense, that is about ensuring that there are considerable limitations to prevent concentration of power and that all people are held accountable for their actions.

Dangerous trends

A concentration of power in a political or commercial sense is always a cause of concern - and should always be on the list of controversial topics. Whether the concentration is in a socialist society, a dictatorship or a representative democracy, a concentration of power ensures greed and long term damage. The focus on power prevents a thorough and reliable analysis of the impacts of greed and the societal and environmental impacts of products.

The use of nuclear weapons is one example. The hormone affecting chemical products are another. Climate change impacts are a further example. In each case, the fundamental problem is the almost unfettered focus on profit - with marketing as the key component. Marketing encourages a complete focus on putting a positive view on all aspects. As such, it hides or down plays the controversial topics. While marketing is considered more important than accountability, there is little effort to address issues.

When issues become too large to be resolved by the government of the day, revolution or destruction of the society have been needed to restore balance. Are we going to train the next generation of politicians to find a better alternative?

These are important additional challenges for those who are new to politics. One area for looking at this is controversial research issues. An ongoing world challenge exists in relation to corruption issues. Understanding the bases of power and hence, the choice of leadership or power is crucial to be able to address the list of controversial topics. Looking for a controversial topic for research paper? Try this!
There will be some more specific challenges linked from the list of controversial topics in the future.

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