Modern American Politics

Modern American Politics is a term that is used quite differently by different groups in describing changes to American political life.

"Public" life

For many, the term is used to separate the higher profile, and thus less private life, nature of politics. The key elements of this change seem to have been the election of President John F. Kennedy and the more general changes that occurred in the 1960s.

During this time, much of what had been the private lives of public figures became public. In other words, public office meant that the elected official ceased to have a "private life".


The key to domination of modern American politics has been superior marketing. While this is closely tied to the level of financing available, theteam with the more effective marketing team is far more likely to succeed that the team with the best policies or the best administrators. Tied in with this occurring is the much vaunted concept that what is best for the USA is best for the world. In this way, the American approach to many situations around the world are portrayed as though the USA is taking its action as a good citizen of the world. A less favorable view is taken by some who point to this period as one dominated by politics focused on being the sole super power.


In addressing world issues in the future, the solution is more likely to be in terms of solid relationships than in terms of military domination. Accordingly, the lessons proposed in the Succeed in Politics and Politics How To sections are likely to lead to real success - not just meeting some short-term self-interests.

Building those relationships could start with some online connections outside of your country. Building your online presence can start now.

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