Political Stories

The political stories related in this section are from the personal experiences of the author. The revelations about politics are not intended to be sensational in any way. They are intended to provide a much better political understanding without requiring the time consumption needed at the school of hard knocks (experience).

In most areas, knowledge can be gained about politics by coaching by experienced operatives. However, only the more advanced students will pick it up quickly. Much in politics is about listening to people and getting to understand them. Little of it is really about backstabbing.

The typical story will describe an incident and how someone in a political career was successful (or in some cases, failed) through use (or lack of use) of the approach suggested in the other sections. While the stories will have a specific geographical and political context, it is believed that they will be generally widely applicable lessons.

Some general comments about the related area is covered in the section on political story types.

The vast majority of the political incidents will be included in the Rudd revelations section. If you have not yet done so, have a read of the Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

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