Political Story Types

Political story types are fairly limited. Clearly, they are about politics. There seem to be one of two purposes to almost all of them. These are as tools of political assassination or as a means of educating (or bragging) through telling how a certain approach succeeded. Hopefully, they also have as a purpose as a form of humor.

The most interesting part of most political stories is attempting to work out which ones are credible - and how much hypocrisy is involved inthe teller telling the story.

Let's look at an example of each political story type. Keep in mind that if it is about politics, it does net need to be destructive - even though much of it seems to be. As a political assassination attempt, there was a story of how a prominent lady candidate had supposedly had sex with an entire high profile football team. Like many political assassination stories, just a few moments of thought would indicate such an occurrence would not happen. Unfortunately, this did not stop the story from spreading - and one can only hope it did not sway anyone! Another well run story was meant to damage a certain "family man" by claiming that he was gay - and the story was told to me by an openly gay person!

In the educational story category, the story about the days, nights and weekends of pro bono work performed by certain lawyers in the early days of of their legal/political careers are common. Work by others in a range of charities is also common - and in many cases, was actually performed out of a commitment to improving life. It is hoped and believed that many of these stories are true.

In the humor category, there are unlimited stories. These range from the slap-stick (candidate fell off the stage) variety through to many including clever puns and repartee.

In fact, most political stories are a combination of all three. Typical of these is the story of the smart party member, who during a campaign met his own party candidate at the front gate with a drink of water and told him to keep door-knocking. When the opposition candidate came along, the party member invited the candidate inside, talked for ages, managed to spill whiskey over the candidate and have the party member's wife (while wearing lots of perfume) kiss the candidate before he left.

The vast majority of the political stories initially included on this site will be as a means of educating. In particular, that will be a focus in the Rudd revelations section. Ready to check the Rudd stories or are you ready to start learning through the Politics How To or the

Succeed in Politics section.

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