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Political Tools are the processes and systems that help you to carry out the actions you need to perform. If your desire is about politics, then it is important to acquire appropriate tools for your role.

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The long term success of a political career is based on the ability to develop and influence a network. Influence is based on trust - which is built up over time through communication and delivering on your promises. Communication, such as symbol recognition, is one form of political tools.

However, if trust is critical, as it is, the key tools for a political career are focused around that need. The way to have a wide and effective network is by maintaining regular, helpful contact with a large range of people. Keeping track of those communications is crucial. Therefore, the key tools make it easy to have better communication and to easily maintain records of that communication. Influence in about politics - and communication is the key to influence.

As with many products and services, finding the product suitable for you make take a lot of research. The products I use are ones that I have selected after considerable research - and I believe they work very well.

An ideal way of communicating with friends, political allies and business people is through greeting cards. This may be for Birthdays or Christmas - but is even more meaningful when it is an unexpected card such as a Thank You or Nice to Meet You card. An efficient way of doing this is a key tool to building sound relationships.

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