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Politics American (actually meaning the United States of America's) style is based on extraordinary amounts of extroverted behavior, very high media fraternization, extremely high levels of expenditure and excessive marketing. The fact that some good politicians have survived and even reached to the top of political life in America is definitely in spite of the practices and processes - not because of it. In particular, the system is essentially a representative democracy where there is a very limited (but slowly) expanding group who is represented in the legislature. Within almost every system, the processes of success and the attributes to succeed will become more clear - and hence more honed over time. In the USA, the ability to draw together very large sums of political donations have become a key component for success. Fortunately, it is not the sole criteria - but it is a very significant one.


There is a strong correlation in politics American style and extroverted behavior. There seems to be a commonly held idea that attracting attention is necessary for success. In keeping with popularism, and estimates of up to 70% extroverts, this is not unreasonable. However, it fails to take into account the focus on self (a key attribute of extroverts) and the need for good politicians to listen very well.

Accordingly, there is a great opportunity for improving the quality of listening - and thus a more representative democratic government in the future as a greater percentage of introverts become involved.


Not surprisingly, highly visible people seeking attention turn to the media for greater audiences. The two (politics and media) have become so intertwined and dependent on each other that the "represented group" is become much smaller. While there may be a wide variety of views expressed through the media, the quite narrow control of ownership ensures a "controlled fringe" and a "controlled majority opinion". The main pointers to this are the lack of any genuine criticism of the "system" - as opposed to random critical comments about individuals. Politics American style needs to find a way to reduce media influence.


The extreme levels of expenditure have been a focus of concern for those interested in representative democracy in many nations.

The level of its occurrence in the USA has precluded any serious involvement of "minor" parties. The two "major" parties have so exerted their impact to date that the total collapse of one or other of the major parties, or a complete revolt against the system, are increasingly seen as the only options for significant change.

If you have an interest in succeeding in American politics, the opportunity for improving the world is greatest if you follow the path laid out in the Succeed in Politics and Politics How To sections here. The probability of achieving self-focused agendas is more likely, but more risky, using the common media-hype approaches of many current politicians.

The choice is yours. The increase is online presence, and especially of social media, does present a valid option that id not controlled by media owners. Building your online presence can start now.

You may wish to look at the situations surrounding some particular groups to date to assist in understanding your best approach. If so, join the future updates through the RSS feed or by opting-in for email updates.

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