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The Politics How To Network section is a follow on from the section on understanding the campaign techniques. That section indicated how important it is to establish relationships with the local leaders. In any form of politics, this is an essential. If you are seeking elected public office, it is crucial to obtain votes - and to obtain funding. If you are a public servant, it is important to have public support in order to deliver your services efficiently and effectively. If you are a political adviser or political operative, it is essential to have the contacts in order to provide appropriate advice to your leaders.

What is?

So what is Politics How To Network about? What is a network? and what does it mean to get one? A network in this sense is a group of people who work together for their mutual benefit. The critical item is "mutual". In other words, if someone is "all take and no give", they are not part of the network - even if they are part of an organization which is the focus of the network. At the risk of repetition, the essence of networking is to develop meaningful relationships where you work to each other's mutual benefit. To do this requires a large degree of understanding of each other's goals and plans - at least, in relation to the particular network. It also requires understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Trust is the key to success in politics how-to network. Trust is only gained from shared experiences and shared understanding.

In order to establish trust, it is vital to give of yourself.

How to

So precisely what do you do to conquer the principles of Politics How To Network? Attend gatherings of people and contribute! The gatherings may be formal or informal. They may be specifically designed for networking - such as business network groups. They may have networking as a key component - such as political parties or associated groups. They may provide a recreational, social or religious outcome. These groups are generally ideal as they allow participation in activities in which you may be interested at the same time as providing a solid base for your network. The important thing to remember with any group involvement is that your actions and your expressed views need to remain acceptable. It is therefore imperative that you not join, or in any way be seen to be a member of, any group which is not considered acceptable by the vast majority of your community. In your political career, you do not want any "skeletons in the cupboard".

Networking, like many other functions, will change gradually in line with technology. As the online community has grown, so has the need to be involved online. By 2009, it became imperative to have an internet presence - and social marketing became vital.


So, Politics How to Network is a key to success. It is, in summary:

Short term: Make time to attend formal and informal gatherings and join relevant organizations. When you are convinced that you belong to every relevant organization, attend three more. Use all the techniques of relationship building. When you are a member of any group, decide if it is to your benefit to become even more involved.

Long term: Continue to build trust through sound relationships.

The importance of the online approach is even more important as you progress to the next stage - that of

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