Politics How To Rules

The Politics How To Rules section focuses on rules outside of meeting procedure. These rules are also critical to your success in politics.

Regardless of which political career path you choose, success inside and outside of meetings will, to a surprising extent, depend on your knowledge and practical application of the applicable rules. Whether you are a politician, a public servant, a political adviser you are involved in the media, appropriate use of the rules (written and unwritten) are critical keys to success.

The issue of needing to understand procedures to be most effective in meetings was previously raised. Nor surprisingly, it is also imperative that you have a good understanding of the law generally - and particularly relating to any particular organization in which you are operating.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is quite broad. There are numerous laws and regulations surrounding financial and similar reporting and it is vital that you are understand them and you meet full compliance. As an area in which it is possible to be the subject of attack, non-compliance with reporting is the one where it will be easiest to prove. Accordingly, it needs to be an area of particular focus. Importantly, complying is a good thing on its own - regardless of the need.

Unwritten rules

Importantly, Politics How To Rules also involves the unwritten rules. It is vital to understand these. Especially for politicians and senior public servants, it is important to understand what is acceptable to the community. In most cases, there will be no clear guidance. Finding, and seeking the advice of someone you can trust is the best option. Preferably, this confidant will be someone who will gain no financial benefit from you. In this way, your religious or other spiritual adviser may be an ideal source of comment. Constantly ask them questions such as "Do you think people would be happy if they knew that I was ...?"The termination of political careers is often as a result of breaching "unwritten rules". Ensure you understand the concept and get a reliable source to keep you informed on them.

The Politics How To Rules section is important to prevent significant set-backs to your career. After doing some thinking, reading and getting some advice on this, it is time to move on to the process of

getting votes.

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