Politics of Australia

Politics of Australia is used to describe a part of Australian politics. In particular, it is used to refer to the international political affairs of Australia.

Compared to its size and economic impact, Australia has consistently had a large impact on world affairs. Through its close association with a major power (either the United Kingdom or the United States), this influence has been very significant. Australia has been, and still is to a small extent, a colonial power. It has territories in several places including Antarctica.

The Politics of Australia has involved it in several wars on foreign lands - and only one occasion (World War Two)where it has had to defend its own land. Australia has continued to be strongly involved in the United Nations and similar bodies.

An understanding of foreign policy is a key to Australian politics. It ranks with financial matters (Treasury) as the two key areas for future leaders.

In developing an understanding of the requirements for Australian political success, it is important to be aware of the topics covered in the Succeed in Politics and Politics How To sections. Many people will find it helpful to place these in context at various times by referring to the revelations about


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