Politics of Britain

Politics of Britain is intended to provide an overview of the "domestic" politics of the United Kingdom. As with many countries, the key domestic issues about politics are largely the matters that are in the "too hard basket" and the focus is put elsewhere.


At the attention seeking end of politics, the focus is on personal matters of little relevance to social outcomes. In particular, there is a focus on the financial and sexual activities of those in power. While clearly entertaining for many, these incidents have little real bearing on the quality of life for most citizens.

In terms of the focus of expenditure, national security and service delivery in areas of particular relevance to the electorate gain the attention. These include health, education,transport and aged care. From time to time, attention is given to "law and order" and "security" matters. These items are the focus about politics at the individual level.


So, what are the key issues confronting Britain? These may strike a note:Re-establishing the work ethic and the ability to be internationally competitive in a range of products and services,Overcoming inequalities of opportunities based on social background, race and geographical location, andDeveloping an acceptance of other races and religions.

In particular, a focus on social issues and their impacts on individual people rather than a focus on international events that have little relevance to those within the British Isles.

The politics of Britain is bound up by a history of conflict and an adversarial court system.

These have blinded many to the opportunities that now exist to embrace the diversity of people and build great communities. A focus on the community, rather that "Great Britain's" place in the world would produce a great advance in the standing of those from the British Isles.

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