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Politics Race Integration is a key British issue. The situation in the British Isles is difficult with significant racial and religious tensions often erupting into violence. The issue is particularly difficult for the British Isles as most of the current tensions and difficulties relate to the history of having colonies - and allowing those from the colonies the right of entry into the British Isles.

Wikipedia references British nationality law under which there have been numerous changes over time. Significantly, prior to 1949 anyone born in any British colony automatically had rights to be a British citizen. Later changes limited this but there were certainly extensive options for "colonials" to enter and reside in the British Isles. While this seemingly open and embracing nation had such immigration laws, the practical situation was far less embracing. In fact, it is a country where racial discrimination is prevalent and racial disputes common. While the

Racial Assessment

do tend to focus on areas for improvement, there are some real concerns in regards to the United Kingdom. In particular, in a way that is not common with the other countries, concerns were specifically raised with each of the key establishment groups. That is, to an extent not found in the other reports, concerns were specifically raised about race in Politics, Law Enforcement and the Media. The other key comment is that overt racial discrimination is less apparent but the discrimination is still very apparent. It is therefore not surprising that many of the recommendations call for political leadership.

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For a future career in politics, the resolution of racial disputation would be an extremely important area for research and development of appropriate policies and actions. Politics Race Integration is an easy area, so if you are able to gain success in this field, you would be developing many transferable skills while achieving a very meaningful outcome. If you are up to the challenge, you may wish to read (or re-read) the sections on Succeed politics or Politics How To as a basis for developing your career.

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