Status information is important to ensure that you as a reader have expectations in line with the likely delivery. This is especially the case about politics.

I am Ian Daniels and this page is intended to provide information about what I am doing with this site and what is planned for it.

It will provide both expected content information and advice as to when there will be periods without new information. These periods will generally be during periods of additional research.

The Recent Updates page shows what HAS been added and when it was added. This status page will provide an indication of how often new information is EXPECTED to be added. Normally that will be approximately one page per month.

In addition to those pages, it is planned to publish the Rudd Revelations section at the rate of approximately one per month. On completion of the main Rudd explanations, there will be a series of shorter anecdotes and incidents.

Would you like to know more about author? Would you like to have input on future topics covered? Would you like some further details on likely issues? In fact, is there anything about politics that you wish to highlight? Then please establish a direct line through the following contact point.

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