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Succeed in Politics? Yes- it is possible for almost anyone who develops an appropriate plan, uses the appropriate approach and tools and remains committed to the long term. The focus is about politics.

If you are ready to get started right now, you need to commence work on your network development. For that to succeed in the longer term, you will need a systematic approach - involving some tools. I recommend you start with a simple customer relationship management tool that combines email, appointments and contact information. For one that has no implementation costs, and a low monthly fee, and is accessibale from anywhere on the internet, I recommend Oprius. Check it out right now - and try the thirty trial. You will also need to set up a process for building relationships - and for building a website. It is much better to work through this with the advantage of a well thought through system. When you are ready for these, feel feel to contact us.

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The results achievable may vary and so setting realistic expectations may avoid a lot of disappointment. More importantly, it is critical to ensure that your genuine goals align with the type of role you choose. The greatest failures in politics are from those who are constantly in conflict between what they say they want and what they actually want! The other absolutely critical matter about setting goals is that they need to be in terms of what you achieve - not in terms of what position or personal status you attain!

If you have not yet read the article on Success in Politics it is strongly recommended that you do that NOW.

Achievement will still depend on several factors. These include your actual goal, your level of commitment (often called ambition) and your ability to remain focused on the long term goal - especially when the short term rewards of alternative action seem high. This is the key about politics.

Start with a plan

After reading about success, it is time to progress to the introduction of the Plan. The purpose of the Plan article is to give you an overview and to introduce the important steps to ensuring that you progress in your politic career. Keep an open mind and move on to the Succeed in Politics Plan. The plan will have provided you with the key actions for success. There are a number of steps to the plan and each step should be read, understood, actioned and reviewed on several occasions.

On completion of the entire plan section, you would be ready to develop specific related skills. These are covered in the Succeed in Politics How To series of articles.

However, that is jumping ahead as the skill development is made more relevant after progressing with the Plan. At this stage, the key focus should be on THE Plan. There is no end to the plan! However, there will be various points during the course of it where it will be important to diverge and focus attention on other items - especially skills development. If this is one of those times, go right ahead.

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