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Succeed Politics Decision is dependent on completion of the Succeed Politics Research section which needs to be studied and the "homework" undertaken. It is only after the prerequisites have been completed that a decisionas important as this one should be undertaken. The need for Research was highlighted as a key early requirement. The reason for this is to ensure that expectations are realistic and that the choices made are in line with the goals desired.

Now that you have a sound basis for your Succeed Politics Decision, it is important to challenge them one final time.

When people in politics are asked why they became involved, the answer, in various forms,is almost always intended to convey the the message that it was done as a service for the broader community. Clearly, this is commendable (and probably necessaryto say in order to be successful). However, in order to be very successful, it is critical, before the Succeed Politics Decision is made to definitely enter a politic career, to be TOTALLY honest (at least with yourself, privately, and probably for the last time!)about determining your goal.

The subject of goals and goal setting is extensive and this article will not focus on it. However, it does recognize its vital role in success. The Succeed Politics Decision is crucial as it often encompasses more than a career. The goal must be long term and specific - and with a series of shorter term, more specific sub-goals. The purpose of this article is to provide some provocative views on which goals align more closely with which roles. However, it isimportant to keep in mind that these are subject to different local circumstances, timing and other factors.

In any role, there are challenges between the views and aspirations of the individual and the actions which are demanded to stay in, or progress through various levels of involvement. In the political process, those challenges will often lead to positions where value-based decisions must be made about behavior and whether the ends justifies the means. The Graham Richardson viewexpressed in his book "Whatever it Takes" will not be acceptable to all.

Throughout the past fifteen years (and probably for much longer in to the past and into the future), Western democracies have increasingly been influenced by money. In particular, political decisions and access to political positions have required increasing amounts of money.

These may be in the form of political donations, government funding or quid-pro-quo marketing. Political donations include donations to political parties {or openly or otherwise and either in cash or in kind} and various other "payments" which may or may not breach laws relating to corruption, inside knowledge and acceptable levels of gift-giving between associates or close friends. The relevance of this to political goal setting is to ensure that your value set fits withwhat will be required in the chosen role.

The areas where there is most likely to be challenges of this kind are in the elected public office area. The larger temptationswill be toward the peak or the end of the career. However, relevant to the person's socio-economic situation at the time, thesetemptations may be greatest when in a relatively minor position, such as a Ministerial assistant or as a political Party operative.These early decisions will provide an indication of both the level of ambition and the level of moral judgment that will be hallmarksof the individual's career. The public service career is likely to lead to such temptations later in the career but is less likely to encounter them in the early days. Roles in media are likely to involve such temptations at unpredictable times. Of greater challengefor many in the media are items such as "endorsements" or "management suggestions". Roles in funding raising and maximizing the valueof political donations will provide opportunities to provide funding in return for selected outcomes. The handling of these roles aresometimes associated with the idea of forbidden fruit. (If it is not accepted, no wrong has been done!) The role of activist isgenerally subject to fewer offers - although incentives to stop, or disincentives if you don't, are not unknown.

Why the focus on such a negative component of a broad subject? The simple answer is that it is the portion that is most oftenglossed over in considering a political career. Politics is about power, influence and status. It is likely that individuals willcontinue to kill and be killed to gain their objectives.

So, do not enter lightly into the field. If you want it to be self-serving for you, join the long queue. If you genuinely wish to contribute in a positive way, WELCOME. All the best. Great Succeed Politics Decision!

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