Succeed Politics Joining

Succeed Politics Joining follows on from Succeed Politics Decision needs to be completed and some time elapsed to ensure that the decision is quite settled.

The Succeed Politics Joining concept is based on the premise that joining an organization is mandatory. However, the initial organization should not be a political party. The options include a formal political organization, a formal organization with clear political involvement, a formal organization that is but which does not purport to be political, a formal organization that is not political or an informal organization. It is important to consider each of these within your own particular cultural, social and political environment.

At some stage, a Succeed Politics Joining will involve a political party as almost all successful politicians do join a formal political party. Depending on where you are, there are generally many from which to choose.

However, it is often wise to gain solid political training and understanding in other organization first. Most of the organizations which, unintentionally, provide great training grounds for politicians do so without any clear political leanings.

Examples include sports associations and organizations based around educational and cultural activities. The Parent Teacher Association is a typical example. These organizations are ideal training grounds as they allow you to build a network and learn without being associated with a particular political group.

Several other organizations have a "leaning" toward one side of politics or the other without having a direct connection. The focus on social justice means that many Church or other religious organizations have a leaning toward the "left" of politics. Groups, or organizations that have a focus on protection of property or law enforcement will tend to have "right" leanings. In many cases, these organizations provide some of the most intense political activity. The advantage of joining one of these organizations to gain political training is that it does not "commit" you to either side of politics. The major disadvantage is that you may become so strongly influenced by the group as to automatically become aligned. If you are sufficiently strong, and sufficiently committed to your long term goals, these are the best training grounds.

During your learning in such a political environment, study the local political environment to determine which political party will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goals. Factor in your background and whether it aligns with the party you are considering. Factor is the likelihood of electoral success - and whether that is important in meeting your goals. The availability of a suitable sponsor or mentor is also important. Consider the timing of your involvement - as joining the Party that is ascending is clearly better than the Party that is descending - unless you are prepared to wait for the next wave.

When you have gained sufficient understanding to determine which political party, or to remain outside of party politics, the approach to the Party is also important. If you have formed a relationship with a sponsor or mentor, that person would introduce you to the Party. Alternatively, you would confidently announce yourself at the local meeting where you wish to join. The succeed politics joining concept is sound. Its practical application is open to the circumstances at the time.

After allowing sufficient time to understand the organization in detail, it will be appropriate to align with your own particular niche

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