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In order to understand Succeed Politics Leaving, it is important to review your previous progression. In the light of that progression, you might feel that there is nothing more to learn. It is exactly that type of arrogance which has caused so many to fail at the last hurdle. So, how do you leave politics in a seemly and timely manner? The key to it is to remain firm to your goals - and for your goals to be set around realistic achievements. If those two occur, then as soon as the desired achievement has occurred, it is a suitable time to leave.

If this is at all confusing, it is worth revisiting the initial plan. In developing that plan, the determination of clear goals based around achievements was the key. Has there been deviation from those goals? Are the goals being changed to try to self-justify behavior that is really about other agendas?

Should there be a clear conscience about the goals? When would be there is a clear conscience about the goals? A clear conscience around the goals would be valid if the goals were realistic and not yet achieved. If they have been achieved, it is time to leave. If the goals were not realistic, then there is no chance of achieving them, so time to move on.

Time to move on? Are you ready to do that? If not, what are the issues - and are they best addressed and planned for immediately?Or do you try to hang in there knowing that the ideal time to leave has passed?

For many, the issue is a concern about income. If this is your concern, there are a range of business options for which your background has given you significant advantages. These are covered in some detail in the section on making money called politics how to fund.

With adequate planning, the development of business income and other financial options available to you would allow you the opportunity to make your approach to the succeed politics leaving section a case study in success.

For those who are reading through these pages as part of their early learning, it is time to get to the detail of some learning the Politics How To. For those who have done the hard yards and would like to compare their story with some incidents from the early days of a politician who reached his highest office, progress to


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