Succeed Politics Niche

The Succeed Politics Niche section follows your decision on joining a particular Political party or organization.

The purpose of a niche within a particular political Party is similar in intent to that of the Political party concept. That is, it is essentially about joining together in order to ensure that you have sufficient influence (generally through votes) in order to "win". This may mean getting selected (or pre-selected) for particular roles.

Niche groups may be quite formal or quite informal. The most common name for them is factions. The term faction relates to voting blocs or power groups. However, not all niches are voting blocs or power groups. In some cases, they are very loosely aligned and have no agreement as to mutual support. As such, they are not as powerful as factions but may be more likely to influence others who are not aligned with a faction.

The faction system tends to be more effective than the non-factional system in terms of promoting people within a Party. The agreement by all to support an individual or policy as agreed within the faction ensures strong support for any adopted position. The challenge in the faction,as it is in the broader Political party, is that support for such a position or person, will often not be the "best" and will often have left significant minorities feeling ignored. In some factions, these minorities are simply ignored. In others, a range of compromises to provide inclusions tend to weaken the policy or personnel selection of the faction. In other words,the faction system is more stable and is more effective for its members - but is likely to produce a lower standard of result for the organization as a whole.

In India, while the major parties (the Indian People's Party or the Indian National Congress) tend to dominate, there are a large number of parties generally represented in any government. This power sharing tends to create the same effects as a faction system within the main parties would. In the USA, the two major parties (Republican and Democrats) have various groupings and factions of varying levels of formality. However, as the pre-selection for the Presidential candidate shows, there is no factional decision and the candidates compete quite openly for leading roles. In Australia, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has formal factions where most ALP members are also financial members of a faction within the Party. The Liberal Party has no formal faction system but the groupings are well known and individual members are often publically associated with one or other of the groups. In Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada is arguably free of factions despite its domination for many years. The Conservative, or Progressive Conservatives, is formed of multiple factions in varying degrees of formality.

Where factions do exist, the individual membership may be based on a number of different factors. There may be very clear policy or philosophical reasons for particular factions. These are generally to do with economic and social divides. Even when this underlines most of the connection, support, sponsorship and mentoring are more powerful indicators. Personal relationships also impact and are often associated with "factional defections".

The Succeed Politics Niche decision is important for your political career. Those who swap niches are seldom successful. When choosing a particular niche or formal faction, it is most important to assess the long term viability of the group. Time for some well considered questions. For example, are the leaders and the leading ideas in the group indicative of a long term niche. Is the group likely to expand and be more successful - or is it aligned with declining world views. Is there a mentor within the group who is likely to assist your progress within the group. Will such mentoring limit your in other ways. Will there be financial support for you and your achievement of your goals as time progresses.

After you have decided on your approach to the succeed politics niche question, there will be a long period of learning the politics how to. At the same time as this is happened, it is expected (hoped!) that you will be undergoing


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