Succeed Politics Plan

Succeed Politics Plan is the start point. "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

In politics, planning is absolutely critical. In particular, politics is a minefield of options where a decision at one point will often make other options no longer available, or at least much more difficult, later. In most of these cases, advice and consideration could have left the options open.

As in many fields of endeavor, the vital first step of the Succeed Politics Plan is to have a goal. At this stage, the goal may be somewhat unclear and may not be veryrealistic. However, it is absolutely essential that you begin with a goal. From this initial step, the goal will be refined, honedand defined as you progress through the Plan.

OK, so you may only have a poor defined goal. Alternatively, you might have a "clear" goal that is not touched with reality eg "to fix world hunger". Regardless of how "clear" or realistic it is, write it down. Do not concern yourself with whether it is is clear to others, just make sure it is in writing and where you can return to it quickly.

Another early and vital step in the Succeed Politics Plan is understanding your goal.To ensure the goal is appropriate, the next action is to expand your knowledge in the important relevant areas for goal setting, political career options and values. This research is needed before committing to a "preferred role". The purpose of the research is to clarify your own goals. These may change over time but the long term goal needs to be based on a degree of realism.

There are two approaches from here. One is to read the remainder of the plan and then come back to the research. The other approach is to read about the research, read as widely as it suggests and then to return here to progress with the Plan. Either way, the next step in the Succeed Politics Plan is to progress to Succed Politics Research. After the research aspects, ensure that you have done the "outside reading" and that you are ready for your first key decision.

Committing to a preferred role, which may include "a role" requiring multiple "role steps", is absolutely criticalto long term success. If there is tight alignment between the role chosen and your own personal ("hidden") agenda,success is a natural progression. However, that progression may take many, many years to achieve. Still on track with the Succeed Politics Plan? Ready to start, then head to the Succeed Politics Decision The decision is clearly not final and may change over time. However, it is absolutely critical that you are comfortable withyour decision. It is another key point in the Succeed Politics Plan. Taking action in pursuit of one particular goal may make it more difficult for you to succeed at othergoals.

When the decision has been made, it is possible to clarify the core skills needed and the areas of particular focus for skilldevelopment. Before proceeding, it is good to keep in mind that this is a skill for development over your life time. It is not expected to be achieved in days, weeks or even months. Do not become overwhelmed. Instead, focus on two core skills at a timeand build solidly.

Ready to move on to Succeed Politics Skills?

On completion of the skills article, it is important to now focus on joining up with the organization or organizations with which you wish to be associated. It is hoped that you now understand why a plan is important to success. Clear understanding ofyour goal and your skill strength is important to determine the next decision. Time to make your Succeed Politics Decision about a particular organization. The decision is dependent on many factors. Within each political organization, there tends to be a range of sub-cultures and different agendas. It wouldn't be politics if there weren't different agendas! It order for you to succeed, you will need to recognize the ones in your organization and choosethe most appropriate for your purposes. In terms of planning, you need to determine your Succeed Politics Niche. When you have resolved your own niche within your own organization and you are developing your political skills, you will be progressing quite rapidly. The signs of success may not yet be apparent. However, your Succeed Politics Progression. will be well and truly happening.

Now would be a good time for a quick review of the plan. Check it is all documented. Check that you are doing it!

The time has come to progress through the skills acquisition. If you have done that previously, review it.

If that that is going brilliantly, plan for and be ready to execute the ultimate Succeed Politics Leaving. Surely, that is the final and greatest test for political careers. Do you get to choose your own timing and leave with your reputation intact?

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