Succeed Politics Research

Succeed Politics Research follows on from Succeed Politics Plan where the need for Research was highlighted as a key early requirement. The reason for this is to ensure that expectations are realistic and that the choices made are in line with the goals desired.

The term Succeed Politics Research was chosen to highlight that it is not a simple set text. The purpose of the research is to expand your horizons in terms of the types of roles that exist in politics and to get a good understanding of them. In orderto do this, read widely on related topics.

As with many activities, one of the keys to success is to undertake Succeed Politics Research while focused on determining your goal.

In fact, in politics, it is more critical than in many field as one of the most common issues in politics is people realizing late in their career that their activities and their goals were never correctly aligned. The key reason for thisis that many people enter politics through an area that is incompatible with their goal. The following brief introductionis intended to provide some understanding of how the areas and goals fit.

In raising this matter, the intention is to provide some level of consideration. Accordingly, this is intentionally provocative, in order to help think through the options. Some "areas of activity" include: activist (single, multiple issues or just for the sake of it); political fund-raising; maximizing the returns on political donations; elected public office; elected non-public office; policy advising to government in terms of policy implementation and its effects, "policy advising" as a Ministerial (Cabinet) assistant; political Party (or other outside of government) policy developer;political Party operative; associated grouping operative (ie trade union or business association with a focus on politics);senior management in the public service; policy outcome delivery in the public service; academic policy development; variousmedia roles in television, radio, newspaper and online. It is strongly suggested that you re-read that paragraph very slowly,one role at a time, thinking about each role and how it would interact with the other roles - and how it would fit with your goal and your values.

In almost all of the above roles, each of the following exist. There are paid and unpaid positions. There are high profile and low profile roles. There are those with lots of work required and those with little effort. There are those with significant influence and outcome and there are those where very little outcome is achieved. Succeed Politics Research is intended to help you consider the options.

With these thoughts in mind, what is a good source of information? Universities and university book shops are a great place to start.Online, try Wikipedia and Ezine articles.
In each case, search for the roles and words within the roles and read those articles and several related articles.

While undertaking this research, keep focused on the purpose. The search is to find the role that fits with your goals and your values.

Importantly in your consideration is the sub-roles. That is, within specific roles, there may be many functions or "areas of activity". For example, as a Minister in a Government (eg as Secretary of State, Home Secretary, Minister for Education etc), the functions are both political and administrative. Effectiveness is impacted significantly by a range of factors which include, but are not limited to the individual Minister's ability an a leader, an administrator, a manager and as a political operative.

If you are considering a career in politics, you should undertake considerable research. In particular, you should be able to describeeach of the roles mentioned above and to be able to differentiate them. It is also important to accept that in politics, probably moreso than in most other roles, external factors and timing often have more impact than the individual's ability. Accordingly, good goal setting and good development of the relevant skills POSITION someone for success. They do not guarantee it.

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