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Before commencing Succeed Politics Skills development, the previous article Succeed Politics Decision needs to be studied and the "decision" made. The first major decision for someone choosing a politicalcareer is to set their goals. Having made that decision (and recorded it so as to assess it and review progresson a regular basis), skill development is needed in a number of areas. However, the focus and priorities willvary significantly depending on the roles sought.

With the decision clearly in mind, here are the recommended areas of focus. For those seeking a public serviceservice delivery approach, focus initially on the technical aspects of those roles. For example, you may choose anengineering focus with the intent of delivering engineering projects. For those seeking media roles, focus on developingrelationships that will assist you to gain your foothold - the first one or two jobs. For those seeking elected public office, the focus should be on leadership skills. These are not intended to suggest that opportunities forleadership will be available soon. The leadership skills focus on communication and influence. Succeed Politics Skills are vitalto develop a late public life.

In fact, across all the roles, communication is the KEY. It is the absolutely the number one skill. The essential component is the ability to listen. The ability to listen to input from a range of people with vastly different socio-economic, cultural and racial backgrounds is the single greatest skill in determining political success. Listening is the key. When your listening skills are finely honed, it is also important to be able to present ideas to a broad range of people through a broad range of media. This media will include both the formal and informal, both face-to-face and one-directional, and live and delayed.

How does anyone get to gain these skills? In simple terms, through the investment of time, effort and money. One of the most effective ways, especially for those with a left leaning background, is through business development. As gaining financial support is almost always part of the struggle, establishing a successful business provides several great advantages for a prospective politician.

Several other options are also available. Some of these are even more important in acquiring some of the other skills. For example, thoroughly understanding meeting procedure has been a cornerstone of several successful careers. The best way to learn meeting procedures is to join multiple organizations, attend their meetings and read their rules of process. Membership of multiple organizations has flow-on benefits, Firstly, it is building your network (a vital matter which will be the focus of later articles!). Secondly, it is giving you the opportunity to LISTEN to multiple points of view. Keep in mind that this is quite separate from JOINING organizations which you will need to join to progress your career.

Succeed Politics Skills is only part of the journey. Joining the relevant organization is a separate and vital decision. It should also be preceded by research. For those considerations, let's move on to the article on

Succeed Politics Joining.

While there is a large degree of progression through these articles, it is absolutely vital to re-visit and re-assess your priorities from time to time.

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