Success in Politics

Success in Politics Depends on Your Goals and Your Input

Success in Politics is a relative term and the opinion reached is entirely in the mind of the person making the assessment. Consider the following pairings of famous names and decide who you think was more successful at politics.

Mahatma Gandhi.... or ....John F Kennedy

Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler. Nelson Mandela or Fidel Castro. George Bush or Al Gore. Mother Teresa or Pope Benedict XVI. Mohammed or Jesus Christ. Mao Zedong or Ghenghis Khan. Aung Sun Suu Kyi or Kim Jong-il. Eva Peron or Che Guevara.

Some people may not regard all of these people as "politicians". However, they have all wielded enormous power, influence and status. You will note, however, the vast differences in how that power was used. Was it for good or evil?Was it for the benefit, or to the detriment, of the individual? Did it increase or decrease their happiness? Was the powerused in a bullying or a contrite manner? Was the power gained by being sought or by being thrust upon the person?

Political success for you?

The purpose of providing those pairings was to provoke thought about how you perceive success. In other words, in order to understand what success means for you,it is necessary to give some consideration to what you would regard as success in others. Those views will underlie your own values.

One view of success may be seen as the extent of current power of the individual, and that may be seen as the number of people who would unquestioningly carry out any order given. Another view of success may be the level of benefit that the individual provided to the world, and that may mean that the recognition does not occur until late in life, or even long after their death.

Hopefully, this has provoked some self-evaluation. If you are interested in success in other areas, this may be of interest to you. There is a clear need to contemplate the question of success at some length before deciding how you wish to Succeed in Politics. To provide some further thought provoking about success in politics, it is recommended that you also read widely in terms of biographies.

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