Women American Politics

Women American Politics is used as a term to describe women in American politics and the effect of women on American politics. The two are clearly closely intertwined but are quite separate. Traditionally, women have been excluded from, or limited in their access to political influence and particularly to elected positions of powers in the USA. In terms of major social change, it has generally been the case that for any change to remain in place the pendulum must swing past the point of equilibrium. In terms of women in American politics, this means that long term change is not likely until some point after which there has been a bias in FAVOR of women in place for some time.

While there have been substantial advances in the role of women in American politics,

and certainly numerous cases of women who have received favored treatment, there has been little systemic bias in favor of women. Accordingly, there is a solid basis for believing that there is still, and is likely to be for some time, a gender bias in American politics.


The existence of gender bias provides opportunities for both genders. In particular, it provides opportunities for those who are prepared to develop relationships based on intellect and knowledge rather than on sexual attraction or expectation of sexual favours. Those relationships will provide long term mutual respect and, as such, will be the basis for substantial cooperation.

While the continuation of gender bias occurs, it is likely that some women will continue to seek advantages through sexual favours, or flirting. However, the continuing increase in success for women will make this a less effective method. Accordingly, the opportunity for women is greatest by focusing on gaining knowledge and putting forward rational alternative policies.

"Women" characteristics

The differences between men and women have been the subject of much debate and literature for some time. Women American politics has been a key part of this debate. Apart from the strictly physical differences,there is little that is uniquely male or female. However, there are a number of important parts of people's behavior and influences in which there are strong alignments with one gender or the other. Aggression on the part of males and compassion on the part of females is a typical one.

Clearly, there are both very aggressive women and very compassionate men. However, there is a clearer connection between men and aggression and between women and compassion. While there are numerous such factors about which there are varying degrees of alignment or non-alignment, it is important in learning about politics to understand some "types" and some "behaviors"

Lessons for men and women

The most common way for those who are not in a power group to seek power is to emulate the characteristics of those who have power. Women American politics has suffered from this occurring.In terms of many groups, this involves exhibiting extreme physical aggression. This is extremely common in the animal world. In politics, this approach is seen amongst women who are aggressive, often shouting and constantly bullying. Similarly, this approach is seen in other behavior than is aligned with the power group so it is seen in women who participate in perceived male activities such as shooting, fishing, going to the football and the loud use of obscene language or terms of male bonding.

The alternative way to seek power is to show that there is a different method of choosing the leader. Women American politics has seen some good examples of this. In the animal world, this is done by the leader who outsmarts its challenger - such as the lion who leaps over a cliff edge to a small platform and the pursuer falls to it death.

For women in politics, this approach would be a well researched, intelligent lady who negotiates without any bullying or aggressive behavior. Most importantly, any flirtatious, sexually inappropriate behavior or attire would undermine such an approach. The approach should, however, utilize the other characteristics that are more aligned with women's behavior.

For men, the opportunity exists to use the skills that have traditionally been associated with women and to use them in political dealings. As women become increasingly involved and influential in politics, the skills which they have honed will be much more valued in others.

These are important additional lessons to absorb as you progress through the Politics How To and Succeed in Politics sections.

Understanding women American politics is important as a case study for other groups striving for advancement. You may wish to look at the situations surrounding some particular groups to date to assist in understanding your best approach. If so, jointhe future updates through the RSS feed or by opting-in for email updates.

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